Barista Training

Your coffee is our coffee! this is why we offer on-going support and barista training to keep your baristas serving our products to the highest standard - as quite simply, the more coffee you sell - the more coffee we sell.

We understand the importance of working closely with our customers and like to think of our coffee sales as continual partnerships, we're always here to help.

We don't just offer Barista training, we offer advice on all aspects of coffee shop owning and running, from coffee shop layout to marketing and keeping up with the latest coffee trends.


Espresso Machine

Installing, dialling in and maintaining your espresso machine to ensure consistently tasty coffee are created time after time.


Setting up, choosing correct grind settings, daily grinder tips and maintaining your grinder to the best of it's ability.


Perfecting Each Type of Coffee

Mastering all varieties of coffees from Macchiatos to Flat Whites.


Milk Steaming

Milk Steaming/Texturing/Stretching describe it as you wish - we will show you how to do it in the correct way to not only create sumptous milk drinks but also dazzle customers with latte art.

Latte Art

Creating perfectly instagramable latte art masterpieces on top of beautifully extracted espressos.


Coffee Shop Layout and Business Advice

Laying your coffee shop out in effective way to maximise, space, lighting and drink turn around times.

Other Drinks

Creating Teas, Hot Chocolates, Frappes, Smoothies and prefecting seasonal menus.

Coffee Sourcing and Roasting

Where we source our coffee from, when, where and how also how it's roasted.


Filter Coffee

Making filter coffee the correct way to offer your customers alternatives to espresso based drinks - such as V60 or Kalita Wave.



Using an Aeropress in a commercial setting.