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A Mouse's Tale Coffee

Three Ridings Coffee

A Mouse's Tale takes its name from the shape we aim to see when properly extracting espresso. It's our house-roast espresso blend that's handcrafted in Yorkshire and features coffees from three different origins, each of which is roasted separately, then post blended.

This creates a finished product that both highlights and compliments the unique flavours from each varietal. The blend consists of a Brazil (natural) 17/18, NY2/3, SSFC, a Vietnam (natural) Robusta and an Ethiopia (fully washed) Yirgacheffe Konga.

Pairing these coffees together creates a well-balanced, full-bodied cup boasting tastes of chocolate, stone fruit and nuts. 

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Tasting Notes - Chocolate  -  Stone Fruit  -  Nuts

Roast Degree - Medium

Origins - Brazil  |  Vietnam  |  Ethiopia

Farm / Estate - South-Eastern regions of Brazil  |  Vietnam  |  Ethiopia (Woreda Zone, Gedeo, Yirgacheffe)

Processing Method -

Brazilian - Hand-picked, Dry processed.

Vietnamese - Wet processed.

Ethiopian - Hand-picked, Fully Washed, Sun-Dried.

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