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Astoria Storm Standard Height 2 Group


Product Description

One of the very finest Italian manufactured coffee machines available anywhere, the Astoria Storm is of the very highest order.

Quite possibly the very best machine that Astoria have ever produced, the Storm includes a whole host of features that separate it from the chasing pack.

A fusion of the expertise and know-how with classic materials and an industrial design ensures that the Storm truly differentiates itself from any other coffee machine currently available.

Precision is guaranteed with the Storm thanks to the technology found within the machine and control system itself.

Each grouphead has a 5" touchscreen that allows for precise brew adjustments like no other system available elsewhere. Fully define the entire brew curve for espresso that tastes unlike anything you've ever had before.

Control and define a wide array of settings to make espresso that truly matches your own vision of the perfect coffee.


  • Precision extraction
  • Touchscreen or pushbutton operation
  • Anti-scalding cantilever steam wands
  • Dimmable LED lighting
  • Stainless steel, aluminium and oak design
  • Oak finished group handles


  • Available in an array of colour finishes


Groups Boiler Capacity Steam Boiler Capacity Voltage Power Electrical Input Weight Dimensions (mm)
2 2 x 1.2 litre 8.5 litre 230V 6315W 27.5A 85kg W1035 x D618 x H500
3 3 x 1.2 litre 8.5 litre 230V 7985W 34.7A 105kg W1175 x D618 x H500

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