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Personalised - "A Turtles Rescue" Brazilian Coffee

Three Ridings Coffee

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Add a personalised message to "A Turtles Rescue" our incredible single-origin Brazilian coffee that helps the world's oceans.

A personalised coffee gift that's great for celebrating house moves, birthdays, engagements, graduations, fathers day, mothers day or any other event that's worth celebrating with exquisite Yorkshire coffee. 

Comes with a special Three Ridings Coffee bookmark explaining details about the coffee including tasting notes and roast levels etc.

Can be ground fresh for any brew method.



This coffee helps the world's oceans as we donate 10% of all profits made from it to the #teamturtle campaign that’s run by the Sea Life Trust, a charity which works globally, running projects that champion the need for sustainable fishing, effective Marine Protected Areas and an end to over-exploitation of marine life.

Being on the Yorkshire coast, this charity means a lot to us guys as we've seen first hand the challenges that we are currently facing with marine life conservation. We're sure you will join us in helping the world's oceans and whilst doing so drinking fantastic Yorkshire coffee.

Tasting Notes -  Light Cocoa  -  Nuts  -  Orange Zest

Roast Degree - Medium

Origin - Brazil

Region - South-Eastern regions of Brazil

Processing Method - Natural

Altitude - 800 - 1350 m.a.s.l

Grade - 17-18 Screen Size, 2/3 NY, SSFC

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