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Puqpress Q2


"It tamps incredibly even with the same pressure and without having to put any strain on our wrist and arms. A wonderful tool for us as baristas" - Klaus Thomsen, owner of coffee collective & former World Barista Champion. 

Puqpress Q2 is an automatic tamping device that removes one variable from the coffee-making process to ensure you serve consistently great coffees.

These neat little machines tamp the ground coffee perfectly flat and to the desired weight. 

  • Perfect Level Tamping
  • Stiffer Frame
  • Hands-Free Operation
  • Adjustable Force up to 30kg
  • Everyone Tamps Perfect Instantly
  • Compatible With All Coffee Machines

Suitable for all spouted portafilters (single and double shot) and naked portafilters, diameters 53 - 58.3 (customized).

Available in full matt white or full matt black.

Dimensions - W-15cm D-20cm  H-29cm .

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