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The Chalet Coffee

Three Ridings Coffee

Beaming with classic full-bodied flavours of rich sweet chocolate and roast nuts. This coffee is a true all-rounder that's perfectly suited for cappuccinos and americanos alike. It's a well balanced Arabica blend that takes inspiration from our humble seaside hometown of Bridlington on the Yorkshire coast.

The Chalet is a bright and bold espresso blend that's perfect for sipping coffee by the seaside come rain or shine.


**Just £9.99 per KG when bought in a case of 12**


Tasting Notes - Rich Chocolate - Roasted Nuts - Subtle Dried Fruit

Works great with - Milk-Based Drinks and Americanos

Roast Degree - Medium/Dark Blend

Flavour - Full

Body - Medium/High

Acidity - Low

Crema - Large & Golden

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