How we test our coffee

How we test our coffee

Here at Three Ridings Coffee, we take our coffee very seriously - in fact, some may even say that we take it a little too seriously.

We test our coffee using some of the world's most technologically advanced coffee brewing machinery and we use it to it's fullest capabilities.

Here's what we use in store.... 

Our coffee machine:

Decent DE1 Pro XL -


Brimming with tech that other manufacturers are yet to match, this espresso-making gadget gives us the power to control multiple coffee making variables and watch live on the Samsung tablet that connects to it. We can adjust: pressure profiling, flow profiling, real-time temperature controlling, steam pressure & temperature and much more.

The vital brewing measurements are taken from sensors that are housed within the group head, unlike the "guesstimations" used in other espresso machines.

What's more, we can match pressure profiles used in other coffee machines to quite accurately show how our coffee will taste on customers very own equipment.


The grinders we use:

Mahlkonig EK43 -

An outstanding grinder that has become iconic in speciality coffee shops and roasteries worldwide.

We use ours for a variety of purposes; it's fantastic for grinding small batches of coffee for us to cup and equally as impressive and consistent when grinding larger batches of coffee.


Mahlkonig E65 Grind by weight -

A class-leading espresso grinder with never before seen weight controlled grinding technology.

This grinder uses sensors between the burrs to measure the degree of fineness along with real-time scale controlled grinding - it truly is the next generation of espresso grinding.


Puqpress Q2 -

This is a device that accurately tamps coffee - perfectly flat and at an exact pressure every time. We use our puqpress when tasting and testing our coffee to ensure that one of our espresso-making variables is kept consistent.


If you would like to visit our demo and retail store, just get in touch We will happily welcome you to come along and try our coffee.