The Roastery

Three Ridings Coffee roastery is our coffee den, caffeine lab, and espresso-obsessing hive for all things coffee.

The roastery is situated in unit 1E Bessingby Industrial estate and houses all manner of coffee equipment.

Firstly and by far the most significant is "Big Orange" our 15kg Besca coffee roaster.

Besca Coffee Roaster

Big Orange is the bright and beautiful piece of kit that we use to roast all our wholesale coffee beans, we control it via computer roasting software, manually adjusting all parameters in real-time to ensure our coffee is perfect each and every time.
Once it's roasted, we save the roast profile online, and check the colour, weight oh and of course taste of the coffee before it's packed and delivered.

Sitting aside our main roaster is our Aillio Bullet, it's a little canon-shaped coffee roaster that maxes out with 1kg batches. The Bullet is our go-to for sampling coffees and nano-roasting small-batch green coffee.

Allio Roaster

We also have an array of coffee training and testing equipment including espresso machines & grinders, batch brewers, refractometers, moisture meters and heaps of different coffee brewers which we use to offer in-house barista training.

We won't waffle on about everything we have at the unit (don't get Leo started about the printers and plotters he uses to create marketing materials for our customers).


Rest assured we're passionate about coffee and the Yorkshire based gaff is brimming with coffee geekery, we'd love for customers new and old to visit.

If you'd like a roastery tour, drop us an email and let's talk coffee.