How We Roast

All of our coffee is roasted fresh in our roastery in Hull. We do not believe in stockpiling roasted coffee and selling it by volume.

Our coffee is hand roasted in small batches using a Has Garanti coffee roaster - nicknamed Harold, that has been custom adapted by our head roaster Matt. Harold is a classic metal drum roaster that tumbles the coffee inside it, whilst the roaster manually and continuously alters the heat and airflow throughout the process.

Each coffee is test roasted using various roasting styles and methods before we select its perfect roast profile to bring out the very best characteristics of the bean.


We then use our in house roast profiling software to make sure that each time we roast that coffee, our original profile is followed. Despite this stringent process, there is still a myriad of factors to take into account to ensure perfect coffee. This is where the skill and experience of Matt comes in, as head roaster he takes the master profiles and applies his expertise to each roast to ensure the resulting coffee is perfect every time. We quality check our coffee each week, to double check that what we’ve produced is to our exacting standards; If it’s not, we simply don’t send it out.


We work hard with our customers and suppliers to provide our coffee as fresh as possible so its potential can be realised to its fullest in the cup.

Our Roaster

We entrust our coffee roasting to the skilled and experienced hands of our roaster Matt. He has been roasting coffee for years and ran his own successful coffee roastery before joining forces with us here at Three Ridings Coffee.

He started life roasting as a hobby at home; he learnt the craft from the beginning, firstly sourcing seasonal origins from around the world and using many different roasting approaches to extract the best from each one.

He built his own coffee roastery in 2016 and grew from online speciality coffee sales to the humble, yet very capable coffee roastery in which all of our coffee at Three Ridings is produced today.


Throughout all of the growth, Matt’s ethos of producing fresh, artisanal hand roasted coffee to the highest possible quality remained uncompromised and is evident in every bag of Three Ridings Coffee.