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2022 was an interesting year with an across-the-board rise in the costs of all our goods.

To help combat this we’ve invested heavily into bringing all Three Ridings Coffee production in-house, whilst also focusing on efficiency, roasting time and local delivery slots.

Alongside that, we’ve been figuring out ways in which to reduce our packaging waste and stabilise costs for our wholesale customers.


It’s with the above, that we’re thrilled to introduce our new circular packaging system.

 Zero Waste Stickers

Zero Waste Packaging


Our local delivery customers now have the opportunity to receive their coffee in our brand-new, reusable, zero-waste eco buckets.


Each bucket will contain upto 3kg of coffee and once emptied will be collected, sterilised and reused with your next order (we will be leaving them with you until your next order, so keep them safe).


Reasons to switch to zero-waste buckets:

  • Massively reduce packaging waste
  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • Reduce your costs in waste collection
  • They’re a great, sturdy way to store coffee and keep it fresh

Keep your prices stable

Reusable Filling Tubs

Reduce Waste & Costs

A few of our customers have already made the switch to zero-waste packaging and we would love to get you on board too.

Of course, if you have any queries about the switch, do get in touch.