Meet the team - Ray

Meet the team - Ray

How did your journey at Three Ridings begin?

I met Jordan when I worked as a barista at rock city climbing wall, we got chatting and he mentioned that he had started Three Ridings Coffee so I connected him with a local opportunity for a new machine, wholesale coffee and new starter kit, I was offered a job in-between lockdowns last year and I was delighted to join the team.

What’s your role at Three Ridings Coffee?

Predominantly sales, bringing in new customers and trying to expand our presence in Yorkshire and beyond as much as possible. There's a little bit of barista training of clients when we're allowed to get back into customer sites again. You will also see my words on the mlkwood website when ordering coffee as I do the guest roastery write up and descriptions.

What do you like about the coffee industry?

It's always evolving - relatively speaking speciality coffee is in its infancy and we're at the beginning of some really innovative developments in processing methods and I find it fascinating how the same coffee beans processed in two different ways can yield two totally different taste profiles.

What don’t you like about the coffee industry?

There are many social and environmental issues with coffee especially in in the commodity market. Clearing of lands, use of pesticides and issues with cheap labour and exploitation of farmers. Thankfully many speciality coffee importers and roasters are working hard to address some of the issues via cooperatives to endure a fairer chain from farm to cup!

Favourite Brewing Method?

Aeropress - it's the easiest and quickest way to produce filter style coffee especially when on the move. The flexibility of this brewing methods
means you can really mix up and change how you brew depending on beans and your mood.

Favourite coffee region?

Rwanda is always a winner for me, the profile for this country really rocks my fruity acidity boxes. I've had some great coffees from the Asia that really pull out boozy notes that are a treat when they are in season.

Favourite Three Ridings Coffee?

For me it's donkey sanctuary - for me the best results come when its brewed in the Moka pot. Lots of depth in citrus flavour, balanced acidity and great mouthfeel.

When you say you strapped your daughter to your back what do you mean?

It means literally that. When she was little I invested in a kids carrier so that we could travel on all terrains without restriction. We spent many days in the peak District or Yorkshire dales finding new forests, bouldering areas and waterfalls to play in.

Favourite outdoor activity?

Taking the kids to the beach is the most common option and me and my eldest love a SUP session down our local river, but when I'm on my own I love to run or mountain bike! I need to climb more but we don't have many great rocks close enough.

Beer or Wine?

Tough question - there's nothing more pleasurable than a crispy Bavarian lager on a spring day but there's some great biodynamic natural fermentation wines out there that's have really peaked my interest. Can't beat a pet nat in the sun. Pure hipster juice!