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We're Yorkshiremen with a passion for all things coffee. We set out with a simple goal - to supply a range of products that we love, to people who are as passionate about them as we are.

How we came up with our Three Ridings Coffee branding - we thought long and hard to come up with something that would stand tall amongst the crowds, then we went with what we know and love...Yorkshire. Our logo is the geographical shape of the original "Three ridings" of Yorkshire - North, East, and West as it was split on a map before it was re-organised in 1974.

We're big believers in telling the stories of our coffees - where they're grown, harvested, processed, and of course how they come to produce the final drink that we all know and love. For this reason, our coffee range carries branding that gives a nod to books and storytelling.

Our retail packs even come with a collectible bookmark featuring one-off artwork by the incredible Lauren Cherice Wilson.

Jordan Cavalli - Three Ridings Coffee

Jordan "The Fad Scientist" Cavalli - Head of operations. He gets the coffee in and ships the coffee out as smoothly as possible, alongside that he looks after the accounts and coffee write-ups. If you have any queries with regards to orders, invoicing or anything else he's the man to call.

Leo Jarvis - Three Ridings Coffee

Leo "The Milkybar Kid" Jarvis - Head of creative. He's usually found in the studio, in front of his laptop creating, designing and coding. He's the man to speak to about working with us on custom artwork and branding.