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"A Flightless Bird" Wholesale Decaf Coffee

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Available in handy 250g pre-ground sachets for your business.


A Flightless Bird is our decaf offering that won't "give you wings" but will, give you plenty of flavours.

We have ground this coffee ready to be used for espresso - a simple and cost-effective way to add a high-quality decaf offering to your customers.

We have managed to create a coffee, that delivers tastes of chocolate nut alongside hints of stone fruit, yet it won't come with a caffeine kick. Perfect for those who crave a truly handcrafted, artisan coffee but have an aversion to caffeine.

This coffee is decaffeinated using the Natural Mountain Water Process at a purpose-built facility that's Rainforest Alliance, Fairtrade and Organic Certified.

This particular process uses a 100% chemical-free method that removes caffeine from the green coffee beans without damaging the beautiful flavour profile of the coffee.

The Mountain Water Decaffeination Process uses a solution of natural mountain water with added caffeine-free coffee solubles that are used at specific pressures and temperature to remove the caffeine from green coffee beans.

Step by Step:

Step 1 - The coffee is transported to a special, restricted area of the facility and analysed for caffeine content to determine the exact extraction that's required.

Step 2 - It's then added to the first stage tank and exposed to a jet of steam under specific conditions of temperature and pressure and left to swell in warm water to facilitate the caffeine extraction.

Step 3 - The Prepared coffee moves via a gravity-fed system and is immersed into a second stage tank that contains a solution of natural mountain water and caffeine-free coffee solubles. This solution along with the specific conditions removes the caffeine from the green coffee beans.

Step 4 - Next the newly Decaffeinated coffee is triple dried, polished and quality checked before being bagged up and sent off to be lovingly hand-roasted by our head roaster in Yorkshire.


Tasting Notes - Dark Chocolate | Stone Fruits | Nuts

Roast Degree - Medium - Dark Roast

Origins - Central America

Farm / Estate - Various

Varietal - Mixed

Processing Method - Natural Mountain Water Decaffeinated

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