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Anise Barrel Aged by Diego Bedoya - Light Roast

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The most mind-blowing coffee we have ever had the pleasure of roasting!

Yep, we're not kidding, this stuff is WILD.

The aroma alone is a huge smack in the face and when brewed it only gets better.


Expect huge amounts of marzipan sweetness akin to a big chunk of Battenberg cake, a super creamy mouthfeel like white chocolate and the booziest aniseed liquor finish you'll ever taste - Pernot/Sambuca/Anisette.


The coffee comes from renowned producer Diego Bedoya and here's a bit about the processing:

  • The varietal is a Tabi (already a great start).

  • Picked and Anaerobically fermented for 240 hours.

  • Dried on drying beds within a marquee for one month.

  • The coffee is then milled.

  • The milled greens then go into an Anisette Liquor barrel to age for a further month.

The roast profile of this coffee is fast and light to pump up the terroir flavours and taste characteristics that have been created through the processing, we have also roasted a dark version and you can find that coffee here.


Flavour Scale out of 5:

Roast - 1 / 2

Nuts - 0 / 5

Sweet - 4 / 5

Cocoa - 2 / 5

Fruity - 2 / 5

Funky - 3 / 5

Booze - 5 / 5

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