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Who We Are

We're Yorkshire folk with a passion for all things coffee.

We set out with a simple goal - to create coffee that we love, for people who are as passionate about it as we are.

Our coffees are sourced from around the world and we work directly with DR Wakefield & Omwani to import our coffee greens. It's roasted in Bridlington at our Bessingby Way Roastery and meticulously taste-tested to ensure that every cup is as good as the last.

Our retail coffees are packed in 100% reusable and recyclable glass bottles, each bottle comes with a recyclable card with a short description of what to expect when it's brewed.

Our Brand

How we came up with our Three Ridings Coffee branding - we thought long and hard to come up with something that would stand tall amongst the crowds, then we went with what we know and love...Yorkshire.

Our logo is the geographical shape of the original "Three ridings" of Yorkshire - North, East, and West as it was split on a map before it was re-organized in 1974. 

Our Service

When you buy coffee from us, you get more than just coffee - you get our team. We pride ourselves on working alongside our customers from day one, whether that be training baristas, developing new seasonal drinks or help when choosing new coffee machines and grinders.